Are you having troubles with your blocked drains in the Gold Coast?

Capital plumbing and electrical offer all your needs with plumbing and electrical services on the Gold Coast and South Brisbane suburbs. Our plumbers assist with any problem and work effectively and as quick as they can to give you the best service. So if you find yourself needing help with those blocked drains on the Gold Coast that are troubling you, contact us today.

One of our friendly plumbers, Lincoln, attended a property on the Gold Coast with a blocked drain. Lincoln proceeded to clear the blockage. He had become aware of a foreign object and continued cleared the blockage. Our plumber recommended the drain be inspected with a camera if this blockage was to continue. He then tested the drain for the correct operation. When Lincoln left the site everything worked perfectly and was all cleaned up.

If you’re needing assistant regarding your blocked drains on the Gold Coast, give our welcoming reception a call today and organise a booking.