Blocked Drains

If you’ve got a blocked drain then you understand how quickly it could deteriorate into a catastrophic disaster within your home or office.

Water that can’t drain out as it’s supposed to can overflow and rapidly flood your property ruining carpet, furniture, walls, and more resulting in thousands of dollars in water damage.

What's causing blocked drains

  • Tree roots
  • Drain collapse
  • Too much toilet paper
  • Cooking oil
  • Foreign objects
  • Toilet cleaner cages

How are drains cleared?

Our high pressure jetter is capable of clearing 99% of Gold Coast blockages. Capital has one of the highest quality jetter’s available, ensuring that your blockage will be unblocked quickly and cost effectively. Gone are the days when you would use the electric eel. It just doesn’t compare to the Jetter. The hydro pressure jetter works by sending high pressure water down through sewer and stormwater lines, cutting through and removing any obstacle inside of the drain.

Water jetter

The Drain Jetter...

  • Clears large sewer or blocked stormwater drains easily
  • Clears longer blocked drains up to 120 meters quickly
  • Cuts tree roots within pipes (not possible with other machines)
  • Clears grease and waste build up removal from commercial and domestic drains
  • Clears silt and mud from domestic and commercial size drains
  • Providing access for CCTV drain camera to clearly identify the cause of blockage

Blocked Drain Camera Inspections

Drain camera inspections offer CCTV camera footage of your Gold Coast drainage issue. This service is extremely valuable in pin pointing the exact reason and location of your blockage cause. Capital Plumbing is than able to provide you with the most cost effective repair options, minimising any additional damage to your property that some Gold Coast plumbers will do trying to locate what can be a needle in a hay stack.

Drain camera

The Drain Camera...

  • Ensures the correct diagnosis is made on drain condition
  • Can generate a DVD recording providing easy viewing & confidence for customers
  • Provides precise location and depth of drain & blockage
  • Minimizes disruption if drain excavation is required
  • Can assist home buyers with a pre-purchase inspection

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