Gas Cooktop Greenbank

We received an urgent call today, a tenant had reported that her gas cooker and stove top was acting quite odd!

Sure enough, when we arrived, the flame was very irregular and when the cook top is lit, flames shot out in all directions.

The other burners (including the wok burner) were presenting issues also. Both of the smaller burners (either side) had either a very low flame, an inconsistent flame or no flame at all.

The tenant told us that it was taking her over 20 mins to boil a pot of water. How frustrating!

Well, no-one likes to wait for food to cook so with our sympathy mounting, we got to work! In and out within an hour, our Capital Plumbing guys were courteous, professional and cleaned up after themselves. They didn’t wait around to watch the water boil, but by all accounts, the tenant is very happy and cooking is now a much quicker process!



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