Do you require assistance with your hot water unit on the Gold Coast? Capital plumbing and electrical offer plumbing and electrical services covering the Gold Coast and South Brisbane suburbs. Our plumbers work efficiently to assist with any problem quickly and effectively to make sure you receive the best service. So, if you’re needing assistance with hot water unit on the Gold Coast, contact us today.

One of our friendly plumbers, Brad, was asked to attend a property on the  Gold Coast. Our plumbers had recently installed a 50L hot water unit with a cold water expansion valve. When our plumber completed the hot water unit install he was testing that it worked all perfectly and could hear a slight dripping noise at the back of the unit.

After further investigation our plumber found that the top of the Coldwater expansion valve at the black nipple was leaking. We then received the hot water unit and valves. Our plumber then installed the new valve and tested. As our plumber left the site the customers had a fully functioning hot water unit.

If you are needing assistance regarding your hot water unit on the Gold Coast, call our friendly reception today to organise a booking.